Editorial reviews of Richer Than A Millionaire - A Pathway to True Prosperity, as written by accomplished professionals follow.


Richer is a fun read and a nice update/companion to The Millionaire Next Door. The new volume is a rich meditation on – and lively discussion of – the ingredients for achieving prosperity and true contentment. The book is filled with practical wisdom and fascinating insights from two renowned experts. I highly recommend it.”
David M. Smith, Ph.D., CFA

Director, Center for Institutional Investment Management

University at Albany, State University of New York

"Richer than a Millionaire is an authentic, well researched, and insightful book on creating true wealth and happiness in life. Relevant and packed full of powerful anecdotes, it should serve as a guide for anyone seeking to create a life of freedom, service, and significance."

Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo

"Lessons learned from this informative read: Accumulating wealth is not the answer to happiness. Instead, being a good steward and serving others is a richer path to travel for a more abundant life.”

Herbert L. Shultz, Jr.

Retired President / Chief Operating Officer

Fenimore Asset Management

 “Richer Than A Millionaire is a blueprint for all who are looking for true prosperity. It offers a roadmap for living a rich life of happiness and provides the tools for financial well-being.”

Michael O. Laddin

Senior Vice President

EBSCO Information Services

"Stewardship and charity make a big difference in my life, I feel a real sense of purpose and love of God when helping my neighbor. This book shows that I am not alone when it comes to understanding true riches."

Robert W. Lazar, CPA


Sterling Bancorp, Yonkers, NY