Richer Than A Millionaire ~ A Pathway To True Prosperity

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Our reason for writing the book…

As educators, parents, and grandparents, we have extensively searched—and researched—for answers to two questions: What does it mean to be richer than a millionaire? And how does one reach that status? Although we reveal our findings for a likely pathway to true prosperity, it is important to recognize that, regardless of wealth accumulation, all of us are merely custodians of the material things in our lives




Sigfluence is a word invented by John F. Loase in 1984. It means significant, long-term, positive influence. After 20-plus years of research, Loase recently had a big breakthrough. He found that 18- to 25-year-olds have an especially high need to affect sigfluence. However, The Sigfluence Generation needs guidance from the Baby Boomer Generation to fulfill its potential. 

Sigfluence is widely neglected, but is a fundamental human need. Loase believes we can transform America by focusing on sigfluence in business, education, politics and in our personal lives. According to Loase, “Sigfluence is a key concept to positively transform America. I was amazed at the potential and need for Sigfluence that I found among the 542 college students we surveyed over three years.”